Anal/Vaginal Dildo - The Abyssal Naga


A mythological creature symbol of fertility and immortality, the Abyssal Naga is inspired by ancient tales and legends from the East. He is specialized in VERY deep exploration of the abyss!

3D printable sextoy

Warning, please note that our products are models for 3D printing of sex toys! The toys printed this way cannot be used directly after printing. They will obviously need a treatment to make the surface safe for bodily use. I cannot be held responsible for any possible misuse or injury.

All our files are subject to copyright. They are for personal non-commercial use only.

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3D file format: STL
Size of the 3D model: 100%
You can adjust the size of the models according to your preferences and to the size of your printing plates.
No support needed.
Printing tested with PLA. 10-20% infill. Printing quality 0,2mm. Temperature 210°C.
All our files are compatible with FDM and SLA 3D printers.